Scenic Safety Manual

In order to construct many of the amazing sets for our shows, our members often use powertools, and other materials and tools which carry a higher degree of risk when used by an untrained person. To help protect our members, and comply with WPI regulations, we have compiled a training program and manual.
Members who are working on the set for a show must review the training manual and attend a training session held by the VOX Technical Director
View the safety manual here

Show Role Descriptions

There are many positions involved in a VOX musical, as with most productions of our scale.
We've compiled a document detailing the most common roles from show to show, and added descriptions of what each role is responsible for.
View the roles document here

VOX Musical Theatre Constitution

Our constitution governs how we run our club and is required to be recognized as an organization by the Student Activities Office.
The constitution was last updated in May of 2021.
You can view our constitution here

Membership Petition Form

Per Article III, Section 4, part a, of the VOX Musical Theatre Constitution, VOX members:

may fill out the membership petition form and find an Executive Board member to vouch for them. A member of the Show Executive Board can vouch for the member for any show-related discrepancy in points. This petition will be discussed and voted on at the next Executive Board meeting. The petitioner will be informed of the Executive Board's decision at the conclusion of that meeting

Fill out the petition form here

VOX Visual Identity Guide

The VOX Musical Theatre Visual Identity Guide details how to use our name and logo on various platforms, materials, scenarios, and more.
Please refer to it whenever you use the VOX logo, wordmark, name, or colors for VOX-related branding.
View the identity guide here

VOX Logos

VOX has many variations on our logo. Each variation is intended to be used in a variety of scenarios, color schemes, backgrounds, and materials.
You may download the full resolution logos below. Please be sure to follow our Identity Guide which governs the proper use of our logo.

VOX Logo Blue and White

VOX Logo Blue and Yellow

VOX Logo Grey and White

VOX Logo Black and White

VOX Logo Grey and Black